Wedding Anxiety Dream #2

The ceremony has just finished, and it all went well. Our walking out music begins to play, and our guests leave. I'm about to go when Gav stops me and says he wants to have a drink (inexplicably, there's a bar in the ceremony room). It doesn't actually sound like a bad idea, so I have a shot with him. The shot looks like wheatgrass. I'm very careful not to drip any on my dress. Gavin, however, is not so careful. He drinks another two shots, spilling progressively more green gunk (and this is pre-photos!) I can feel the rage bubbling up inside me, and I can't persuade him to come outside. People are staring and I'm caught between not wanting to look like Bridezilla, and wanting to punch my new husband in the head.

What I've learned from this:

1. Do not drink wheatgrass shots when wearing formal attire.

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