Cringe Party II: In Which I Get All Mark Corrigan On Your Ass

I think the title tells you all you need to know. Here goes:

1st January 'Got up about nine, tided my room...'
It's NEW YEAR'S DAY, for God's sake.

8th January 'Been making brainstorms for characters- had some OK ideas but all a bit 'Officey' and not funny. So not exactly OK- but it could have been worse... I could have died during the creation process.'
What a heart-warming mix of pessimism and failed ambition.

11th January 'Read The Observer (£1.40.) (I'm not actually obsessed with prices, just thought it might be interesting if I re-read this in a few years time.)
I'm honestly not making this up! It's now 'a few years time'. It's not interesting.

14th January 'Had a perky executive assembly this morning- oh how joyful it made me feel!'
I stand by that. I'm still irritated by most people. Especially 'peppy' ones.

23rd January 'Spent last lesson with [a friend] - broken through the 'running out of conversation' barrier!'
Still love that feeling, when the horrible, spirit-crushing awkwardness starts to fade.

30th January 'Wednesday should be good- hope I don't have a 'conversation block.'
Oh God, now I'm crowning phrases to describe my social ineptitude.

7th February 'Also, actually managed to make conversation! (Not sure why I find it amazing that I can do what every other human being manages on a daily basis.)'
Maybe I am Mark Corrigan?!

1st March 'A rather exciting (!) assembly- someone giving a talk encouraging us to go to a TA recruitment day. Sound like too much pep and physical activity too me, but a surprisingly large amount of gullible people signed up.'
At least I knew my limits.

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