Comedy Baby Napping

Simple Pleasures I

Things I have enjoyed during the past week:

- Realising that I want to be fucking awesome at my job.
- Having fun in the stocks (not as sexual as it sounds. Not sexual at all, in fact.)
- Singing at work, out of work, in the bath, whenever really.
- Good craic at Thursday's pub quiz.
- Being in the Cool Crew. And therefore finding my long-lost father. Ish.

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight: An Update

Thomas The Tank HENgine. Awesome. By the time these pictures were taken, I'd lost my funnel-shaped hat and gained a feather boa, but you get the idea. And yes, I am dancing alone in the first picture. I am that cool.

BTW, the stag stole my shot glass headband.

Bad Science

Is something that does my head in. Even though, as an English Lit graduate, I know very little about good science.

I just saw an advert for a new, water soluble shampoo. Seeing as the definition of water soluble is 'capable of dissolving in water', I challenge you to think of a time that you have used a shampoo that is not water soluble. Think about it, you would never be able to wash it out of your hair. Surely water solubility is an essential pre-requisite of a shampoo, rather than something to brag about.

Other 'favourites' of mine are company bosses superficially posing as dentists to recommend toothpaste, anything containing 'bifidus digestivium' and the claim that those new plastic pouches of Kenco are environmentally friendly because they contain 97% less packaging than before. It's done BY WEIGHT. The old packaging was a GLASS JAR. Urgh.

The only conclusion I can come to is that beauty product manufacturers think that people are stupid. Who knows? Maybe they're right.