I feel like Chicken Tonight...

Time is running out. I need to think of a hen night costume that is funny, vaguely attractive (or just REALLY funny) and that adheres to the hen/chicken-based pun theme.

Ideas so far:
Unfortuately this dude is taken:
Suggestions please!

Symptom Checker Suspicions

Has anyone ever used the NHS Direct Symptom Checker and got a result other than:

a) Call 999 immediately;

b) It is safe to treat this problem at home?

Thought not.

Anyone would think the site was designed purely to stop people clogging up their GP's waiting room...

Good weekend...

...in Cardiff, as usual.

Crying with laughter, Sunday roast, so much drama, comedy dancing of the office genre (seriously, you haven't lived until you've broken out the Watercooler), rowing in the park, lots of catching up, crapbutbrilliant magazines, no emergency doctors needed this time, discovering Beth's dog, getting a bit sunburnt, laughing a bit more, drinking some tea.

You knows I loves it.