Say hello to your friends.

Is it wrong that, one literature degree and an English teaching qualification later, Ann M. Martin is still one of my favourite authors?

I found four Babysitters Club books for 20p each in a charity shop today, which was the cause of much genuine excitement. Especially because there's one I haven't read before! Seriously, it's like being 11 again.

For those in the know, the books are:
Kristy and the Secret of Susan (just read this; much cringe-worthy use of the word 'retarded' and Kristy is as annoying as I remembered.)
Abby's Lucky Thirteen (the one where she has her Bat Mitzvah. Judaism AND autism- who says these books aren't educational?)
Stacey vs. the BSC (seriously guys, just force-feed her a Twinkie, then it'll all be over.)
and most excitingly...
Logan's Story (it's a 'Reader's Request: Special Edition')

All together now:

Nothing's better than friends...

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