I love..

...the holidays.

Tonight I will mostly be mooching about on etsy, adding to my favourites (it's shopping but not shopping, you know?), eating potato wedges and watching shit TV.

Tomorrow I will mostly be cleaning, shopping and going to the library.

On Friday I will mostly be sleeping and going to Cardiff.

If that sounds boring, consider that my last two evenings have involved watching hydrotherapy DVDs. And making notes.

Boredom is all relative.

Maybe I'm transphobic without even realising?

I just started reading some of the blogs on www.thefword.org.uk. I got as far as the commenting rules, and actually had to google two of the banned types of prejudice...

Seriously, who says 'ableist'? Or 'transphobic'?

There are so many ways to insult people these days.

I just did the spellcheck and 'ableist' and 'transphobic' are both highlighted... Are they even real things?!

The title of this blog...

...no longer bears any resemblance to its content. I knew this would happen but, seeing as no-one's really reading it, I don't think it matters. But I do love things filed away properly, so it matters a little bit.

My Post Secret contribution would say...

...I find the singing Go Compare radio adverts genuinely funny.

I am so hungover...

...that I cried because I had one hot arm and one cold arm.