Help please.

Is it just me who finds it unreasonably difficult to get my blog to look the way I want it to?

Where's Thomas' MySpace Editor when you need it?

I know I say it all the time, but...

...where did the last five months go?

The prolific usage of ellipses is enough to confirm that, fundamentally, nothing has changed.

Seriously though, it's nearly FIVE MONTHS since I last posted. I wish there was an exciting reason to give you (I developed a life-threatening allergy to the plastic they use to make keyboards; I was abducted by aliens, etc) but in reality, I think I must have just been busy, or tired, or something.

Actually, ever since October 2007 (when I started my first teaching practice) I've been almost permanently wondering where the time has gone. Is that what happens when you start working? Must find a real grown up to ask.*

The point is that I need to update. Basically because the next blog I want to write is a review of the year, and I feel I need to finish documenting the year first (not that working with autistic kids is affecting me, you understand.)

Naturally a list will be my chosen format so, in no particular order, here's what I've been up to:
  • We moved to Croydon. Lovely flat, shame about the town.
  • I did my first term as an NQT. This could be a whole series of posts in itself, but I'll stick with some bracketed highlights (being vomited on, bonding with a somewhat aggressive pupil, doing very well on the first observation, the warm tingly glow of the Christmas play, laughing a lot, feeling like I'm in the right place.)
  • I went to Wattens to visit Kati. Es war sehr geil.
  • I missed Cardiff.
  • We had a rather lovely fake Christmas at the flat, with the old 42 Minny Crew.
  • Marta and Bjorn Gunnar came to London. We drank, we talked, we photographed.
  • I began the not so arduous task of finding Croydon's best curry. Must make more curry bets.
  • I booked our wedding.
And that's that, really.

* I asked my Mum. She said yes, it is.