Extreme Makeover: Life Edition

This whole being back thing is completely surreal. I feel like I haven't really realised any of it's happened yet. That said, my life post-degree has pretty much felt like that so I'm hoping it won't hit me all at once.

Organising my thoughts into a coherent blog is, therefore, a bit difficult so I'm gonna go for a list of musings. I love lists.

On Monday I was unemployed with no real job prospects. Now (on Friday) I have two interviews lined up and I own a suit.

Two days ago I lived in Norway. Now I live in Rainham. The people are angrier and more racist.

On Wednesday I said goodbye to a girl I've lived and worked with for the last six months. She was the Austrian little sister I never had. This hasn't hit me yet.

I would love it if I could do my Norwegian job in London.

I really, really want to get one of the jobs next week. In terms of saving time and travel stress, I'd like to get the first one.

I feel quite proud of myself. This is a good thing.

If this entry confuses you, imagine being inside my head...

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