Go on, you know you want me...

is not a sentence that I would write in a job application. Although, quite frankly, I'm tempted. I've spent that last three days trying to apply for a teaching job. Easy, right? Wrong. First came the application form. It started off easy enough: name, date of birth, address... Address. Ah. If I put the Norwegian one they'll get confused and won't bother to write to me. So I have to put my fiance's Mum's address. Which I don't know. A quick e-mail sorted that one out. Ok. Teacher number. I don't have my documents here. Another quick e-mail. Two more quick e-mails because my fiance was looking in the wrong folder. National Insurance number. You know the story. And this was just the first page.

Having completed the form and successfully (I hope) negotiated the pitfalls of the 'hobbies and interests' section, I moved onto my 'Statement of Application'. Don't ask; I've spent three days writing it and I'm still not sure exactly what it is.

I thought it was all ok, until my fiance (also a teacher) read it and told me six more points I had to mention, and asked the dreaded question, "Where's your covering letter?"
"But they don't ask for a covering letter."
"You have to do a covering letter."
"But what do I put in it?"
"Say why you're good and why you want to work at the school."
"But I've already done that in the statement thingy."
"Say it in a different way..."
Actually, there were more expletives on my part but I think you can sense my frustration. It never ends...

The silver lining is that writing all this crap has finally made me realise how much I want this job and how capable I am of doing it well. Hopefully I've communicated that in writing.

Of course, that they'll probably decide to hold the interviews in June, before I'm back in the UK. Still it's all a 'valuable learning experience'...

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