Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Something New Every Week [2015: 11-18] #BEDM

As part of my 30 Before 30, I've challenged myself to do something new every week (totally off today's BEDM topic, but never mind!)

11: Went to Hastings.

12: Had a massage (hopefully not the last time this will happen).

13: Turned 29, and became the proud owner of a hamock.

14: Saw my lovely friend Fee get married.

15: Played Escape From Atlantis. What a board game. 

16: Ate at Zaibatsu in Greenwich. Thoroughly recommend it!

17: Went for a walk around Throop, near Bournemouth.

18: Went to a 90s club night... Where I heard Keep On Movin' mixed into Disco 2000; probably the highlight of my year. 

It's been eventful! I love writing these posts, they always make me feel very grateful for what I have. *cheese klaxon*

Monday, 4 May 2015

Four Terri-brill TV Programmes #BEDM

Today's BEDM prompt is 'guilty pleasures', but watching crap amazing TV is in no way a guilty pleasure for me. I just need someone to pay me to live-tweet Dinner Date/write a thesis on Homes Under the Hammer, then I'll be sorted.

In no particular order, here's my TV jam:

RuPaul's Drag Race. One of my friends (who understands my love of ridiculous TV) recommended this to me, and I watched the entire first series in 48 hours. Basically, it's a tongue-in-cheek version of America's Next Top Model, but for drag queens. IT IS SO FREAKING FABULOUS.

Dinner Date. Person goes on three dates, then chooses the person they like the most. The joy of this is that you get to watch a blind date that takes place in someone's house, while they cook dinner, on camera. Fantastically awkward car crash TV. Perfect twitter fodder.

Homes Under the Hammer. My favourite thing about Homes Under the Hammer is the background music. It's as if the editors google a randomly mentioned word, then just includes the first song that comes up. As in, someone says 'brick wall' and suddenly you'll hear 'Another Brick in the Wall'. Once you notice this, you can't un-notice it (if you get what I mean). It entertains me, anyway.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. The US version of the programme is the ultimate in terms of ridiculous set ups. The whole thing makes me feel wonderfully smug about the non-dysfunctional relationships I have with my family and colleagues. Hilarious thing to look out for: every episode contains at least one moment of totally gratuitous Ramsay topless-ness (or worse).

I would very much appreciate any suggestions for other terri-brill TV programmes I can waste my life on...

(I stole 'terri-brill' from Peep Show. It's probably my favourite adjective.)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Five Things I'm Already Good At #BEDM

Positive self-talk is definitely something I need to do more of, so the BEDM prompt 'Self-Care Sunday' feels like a good time to try this. Sarah wrote an anti-New Year's resolutions list of things she's already good at and I wanted to give it a go. This feels incredibly uncomfortable but I suppose that means I really need to do it! I'm going to take encouragement from this brilliant post about people's reactions to self-praise and just tell you all about how ace I am (ahem).

I am good at:

Making rocky road. This was an easy one to come up with; even my self-deprecating tendencies can't ignore the praise I get for my rocky road. One of my colleagues even claims to have (literally) dreamed about it. Luckily for me I seem to have found a 'signature bake' that basically involves melting stuff and stirring. Brilliant.

Being silly. For someone who worries too much about what other people think, I am very good at acting like an idiot. I love fancy dress, I love dancing (if you can all it that), I love laughing until I can't breathe, I love showing off. The best thing about all this? I do a job where all this is actually an asset.

One of the many, many 'silly' photos I had to choose from...

Throwing myself into things (not literally). I don't do things by halves. This doesn't mean I'm good at everything, but I am most definitely enthusiastic!

Spending time alone. I'm very, very comfortable with alone-time. I like my own company and one of the things I'm most proud of is that I've been brave enough to travel solo (once to Russia and the Baltics, and once to Poland and Berlin). The sense of self-reliance these trips gave me was amazing.

During my solo trip to Berlin.

Planning. I love lists, diaries, countdown apps... Basically anything that allows me to get excited about things that are coming up in the future. Despite my best efforts, I will never be a 'go with the flow' kind of person. But that's ok, because it means that I'm good at getting things done.

It was really difficult to not accompany everything with a comment along the lines of 'but some people find it annoying/but it's not always a good thing/but I could improve'. Being nice to myself and posting a photo of my face... This post is a big deal for me!

(Janet and Louisa also wrote similar lists if you're curious...)

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Why I've Been a Bit Scared of Blogging Recently: My #BEDM Introduction

I care too much about what people think of me. Fact. I know it's pathetic, and I shouldn't, but I do. What with Twitter becoming ever more popular, I'm hyper-aware of the fact that more people that I know in real life might be stumbling across my posts and, well, judging me. So I've been feeling a bit intimidated about posting on here.

Anyway, I want to get back into blogging more regularly, because I like it and I know (well, I've been told...by Taylor Swift...) that it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks. Right? I'm right, aren't I? Please tell me you think I'm right.

I had the resolve, but not the inspiration or motivation to get posting again, so I was pretty excited when I saw Janet's first couple of Blog Every Day in May posts. I am incredibly stubborn when it comes to finishing any kind of challenge, so I think this is the perfect bandwagon for me to jump onto. Also I definitely want to re-engage with the 'blogging community' (vom) again, so I'll be making an effort to try and read/comment on lots of other people's BEDM posts.

For any other fellow #BEDM-ers, here's a quick introduction:

HEY! I'm Liz!

Two of the following statements are true:

I once came dangerously close to vomiting on Lenin's embalmed corpse.
I'm distantly related to the Chuckle Brothers.
I can do worryingly accurate facial impressions of Deirdre Barlow/Rashid (RIP) and Wallace (but not Gromit).

First post: done. BEDM, I'm coming for ya!
I know I've already missed the first day, but no-one's perfect...

P.S. If you're an actual, real-life person that I know, HI! Be kind.

P.P.S. Did anyone else accidentally read 'BEDM' as 'BDSM' when you saw it the first couple of times?! No? Me neither.

Monday, 27 April 2015

30 Before 30: The 'To Do' List

Lists, lists, lists, how I love a list.

As my 30 Before 30 deadline (sorry, my 30th birthday) is a mere 334 days away, I figured I should probably figure out what I need to do and, more to the point, how I'm going to do it.

[the stuff I've already done/can't do is here]

Birthday panic is now setting in...but..I have a plan. Sort of. I also need some help/ideas with a few of these! Right. 

Go to Scotland. Good excuse to finally book a weekend in Edinburgh at some point!
Perform on stage. Whyyyyyy did I even put this down?! Kareoke?! All suggestions welcome for this one...
Submit a PostSecret. This one's quite easy, I just need to actually write and post it. Obviously I'm not going to share because it's a secret. Duh.
Complete my therapy. This should happen over the next few months. I'm very proud of the effort I've put in and the outcomes so far!
Listen to a new album every month. Thanks to Spotify, this is easy! Recommendations very welcome...
Seriously consider vegetarianism. This needs more research and time but I'm excited to get going with it...
Jump out of a plane. Scary! But it will happen, and I will hopefully raise some money in the process.

Easy. Right? RIGHT? Oh dear.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

30 Before 30: One year left!

Well, slightly less than a year actually, but that wouldn't have made for a very succinct title.

Somehow three years have passed since I wrote my first 30 Before 30 post and I'm now feeling the deadline pressure/motivation [the whole list is here]. Here's where I'm at:

Go on a family holiday. I've been on two... The Isles of Scilly and Westward Ho! (in-built punctuation there).
Go back to Norway for a visit.
Learn to drive. Very proud of this one!
Learn to walk in heels. Pretty much. As long as they're under 2 inches and have a strap... I know my limits.
Volunteer. I helped pack Christmas shoe boxes for Smile and I have something else in the pipeline.
Get a tattoo. Got (ta)two (and another one booked for July).

Go to at least 25 gigs. This target has been well and truly smashed! Good for me, bad for my bank balance.
Enter my writing into a competition. I didn't win, but I did it.
Join a book group. Tea, biscuits and books; what's not to love?
Read at least 100 new books. Smashed it!
Get a sewing machine. Yup. Although I still haven't cured my habit of starting craft projects and not finishing them. Sigh.
Get my hair professionally coloured. Coloured blue, no less.
Take a course in psychology or counselling. Again, did two. Tried a third but it wasn't to be!
Attend the 10th anniversary of Fake Christmas. I did. It was brilliant.
Sample every type of cuisine in Red Hot World Buffet in one sitting. It hurt. #meatpanic
Go for a whole week without watching TV. Lesson: I love TV and that's ok.

Continue to post regularly on my blog. This has slipped a bit recently, but it still exists and I like it!
Go to a blogger meet up. I went to one in Cardiff and it wasn't at all scary!

Not gonna happen [sad face]
Sadly there are a couple of things that just aren't gonna happen...
Go to Glastonbury. I tried and failed to get tickets. Twice.
Travel outside of Europe. Well, I guess theoretically it could still happen, but I'm dubious!
Read all the Babysitters' Club books. No-one bought the later ones, so they are impossible to find. Boo.

The more astute among you (or those of you who could be bothered to count) will note that there are a few missing... There'll be a 'to do' post on the way... I know, I know, I'm a big tease. You love it.